“Studying God’s Word”

“Studying God’s Word”   Studying. We all love to do it!!! AmIright?! Huh??? Okay, so maybe only us nerds love studying. And, yes, I am admitting I am a nerd. I do like to read, and to study what I am reading. It does not matter to me if it is a short article or... Continue Reading →

“The Great Commission”

“The Great Commission”   The commandment that we often hear referred to as the “Great Commandment” is found in the four gospels (Matthew 28:19; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:47; & John 20:21), and repeated in Acts (1:8). Each gospel writer records it a little differently, but it always boils down to the same message; Mark 16:15,... Continue Reading →

Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer and Satan Are they one and the Same?   It seems to be common knowledge that the name “Lucifer” is another name for Satan. I mean, everybody from preachers to the people that named the T.V. show, of the name “Lucifer,” use the names interchangeably. If so many people use these names for the... Continue Reading →

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